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Book: Love, Secret Santa

Author: S.A. Domingo

Genre: YA Contemporary

Rating: 4/5

Pages: 384

Date Published: 29 October 2019

Purchase Link: Book Depository


It’s nearly Christmas, but Angel Green isn’t celebrating – she’s too busy studying for a scholarship exam. On top of that, she’s organising her school’s charity fundraising campaign to help a local hospice. Unfortunately, her fundraising partner is Caspar Johnson: handsome, creative and fun, but TOTALLY unreliable.

Thank goodness for her Secret Santa who keeps leaving her amazing presents, including an intriguing hand-made advent calendar! Angel is dying to find out who her secret admirer is . . .

As they spend time together planning festive events, Angel realises that Caspar has hidden depths – and a secret that he’s hiding behind his easy-going facade. Her advent calendar encourages Angel to take risks and open her heart – but has she left it too late to tell Caspar how she really feels?

I have to start this blog tour by saying how absolutely cute and adorable this story was! I love YA Fantasy but it’s amazing to be able to read sweet books like this, especially around the holiday season!

I adored Angel and Caspar! As the two MCs they were amazing and I was smiling throughout whilst witnessing their interactions! And the ending! I love how perfect the ending was. The secondary characters in the book also took on a life of their own which was great to see because it’s often easy to forget about secondary characters in books but not this one! Izzy and Ola (Angel’s friends) were so loving and supportive, it was easy to picture this book with a sequel or two that told their stories!

Another thing I absolutely adored was the diversity!! The POC characters were great to see and it’s amazing to read holiday stories about and from the perspective of POC! Not only that, the warm and loving relationship Angel had with her mother was so heartwarming and something I could relate to! I loved being able to read this as it’s very hard to find a YA book that shows this aspect of the relationship between parent and child.

Caspar was adorable and I loved it wasn’t a story of “bad boy” but rather one of a popular boy who loves (and I mean loves) art! I could definitely relate to that.

Overall, this story was perfect since there were so many small things that I could relate to with pretty much all the characters. There wasn’t much to go in terms of plot twists or surprises, which is why it makes this such a great holiday read. A book with a primary motive of making you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Definitely recommend for any young bookworm who loves warm and loving reads.

P.S I should add there is talk of a past death of a parent and epilepsy if anyone wants to know but that’s all I can think of that may require a warning.

And now for the extract!

β€˜I have to study, Izzy,’ she said, turning back to her friend. β€˜You know there’s no way I’m going to get into Dunstable Academy without that scholarship. And they’ve got the best—’ β€˜A-level science departments in the country, yeah, yeah, I know,’ Izzy finished, with an affectionate smile. β€˜I also know that there’s no way you’re not going to be Doctor Angel Green within a few years, Dunstable Academy or no. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself! We’re sixteen. We’re meant to be having some fun!’ β€˜Fun is a myth to me until that scholarship exam on the twentieth,’ Angel replied, taking a mouthful of no-longer-hot chocolate with a grimace. She nudged her mobile phone as it rested on the table. The screen lit up with the familiar background image of Angel and her mother, Ruth, grinning with their cheeks pressed together. Identical glowing, deep-brown skin, sculpted lips and wide, dark eyes . . . Angel smiled back at the image – then noticed the time. β€˜Hang on, it’s nearly five o’clock already?’ She started gathering up her textbooks and pens, shoving them into her backpack. β€˜I said I’d meet Mum and help her carry the shopping home after her shift.’ Izzy nodded, pulling a thick, well-worn novel from her backpack. Beauty tutorial videos and books were her twin passions. Angel loved that her friend wasn’t easy to pin down. β€˜I think I’m going to chill here for a bit,’ Izzy said, her eyes drifting back over to the Patel brothers’ table. β€˜You know, enjoy the view . . .’ Angel laughed, pulling on her mustard-yellow coat and winding her fluffy green scarf around her neck. She swung her bag on to her shoulder and bent down to kiss Izzy’s cheek quickly. β€˜If you say so. Be good!’

If you want to read the next part, keep an eye out for Amy’s Blog Post coming on the 18th December!

Thank you so much to Team BKMRK for letting me take part in this blog tour!

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