Batman-Nightwalker by Marie Lu

I know I haven’t posted in a while but this is a brief summary on Batman Nightwalker with no spoilers on why you should read this book, and how it is not actually a continuation or a summary of the movies 😄 Enjoy!

So, most of you may know that DC has signed a contract with 4 YA Authors to bring 4 superheroes to life! And The amazing Marie Lu was assigned Batman! It focuses on Bruce Wayne And how he came to be Batman! For once, I am going to avoid spoilers but a brief summary will be given below.

The book starts with a young Bruce Wayne attending a party and there you meet his friends! However it also shows the exuberance and the reason behind Batman’s nature, so I suppose the books give a type of background on the characters and show them from a different perspective. In some ways I wish we had actually met the Joker… because… well he’s the Joker… do I need a reason? 😂 (yes, I have a weakness for very well-played villains).

The book then develops from there and shows the transformation within the character and personality that portrays Bruce Wayne and slowly, but surely, transforms it more and more into who we know as Batman! I’m not going to say much more as I know that many of you may be wary over reading a book based on movies and a franchise that has been out in the world for years, but if you can differentiate between the two different stories told by the movies and this book, then you’ll be sure to love it!

Author: bookanishgirl

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2 thoughts on “Batman-Nightwalker by Marie Lu”

  1. I recently read this book and I kind of liked what Marie Lu did to the Batman character in this book. I am utterly disappointed to not see Batman in full action but we know the book is not about Batman fending off criminals and it is more about how Bruce Wayne, a kid who lost his parents transformed into Batman. True what you have said.


    1. Glad you agree!!! I found there were quite a few people who didn’t like it since it was different from the movies and comics which just show Bruce Wayne as Batman and not how he came to be Batman 😂💜


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