A Court of Mist and Fury- Review

I don’t summarise anything in this blog post but I do share my views on the best parts of the book (and the most memorable parts to me). There are still plenty of spoilers in this blog though! Hope you enjoy πŸ˜˜πŸ’

I hated Tamlin but after reading this, I wanted to march into the Spring Court and kill him!! He treats Feyre like a prisoner but not only in the sense that he restricts any freedom etc. He shows no concern for her feelings and it seems pretty clear that he knows Feyre is vomiting night after night and suffering but he doesn’t comfort or help her! He does nothing to pull Feyre out of the depression she’s falling deeper into day after day! 

Now I know Rhys was deemed to be arrogant in the last book and uncaring of others but towards the end of A court of Thorns and Roses, he redeemed himself by spades and showed how bleak his life truly was. In this book, he’s as arrogant as can be but what I love is that he helps Feyre recover! He not only teaches her to read and write, he slowly but surely pulls her out of the depression by raising her emotions and getting her to just feel! He also gains brownie points for not using the heartlessness of Tamlin, when she’s still with him, in regards to how he betrayed their friendship. We learn so much more in this book about Pyrithian and realise exactly how little Tamlin actually told Feyre. 
We also come to realise that Rhys may have done a lot of things, but he was doing it to protect those he loved and he remained a loyal friend to the Inner Circle and in a way to all the other High Lords of Pyrithian!! 

Finally, I love how Feyre slowly comes to realise that Rhys is not all he shows and there is so much more to him! Him showing his suffering to her and showing her his weaknesses makes her feel closer to him than she’s ever felt to anyone. The most heart breaking part at this point is when she admits that she was so desperate for love when she met Tamlin that she would’ve done and believed anything. This makes us realise that she understands that Tamlin didn’t believe her worthy and, perhaps, only saw her as a way to break the curse on the Spring Court. 

In this book, Feyre consummated the mating bond that snapped into place at the end of ACOTAR, saved Rhysand’s life (a fact I loved as it shows how strong she truly is!!) And also helped the Inner Circle find two separate books to try and stop the Cauldron and King Hybern from breaking the barrier between the mortal lands and Pyrithian! 

Now I loved the ending when Lucien finds the mating bond snap into place with Elain and Cassian’s protectiveness towards Nesta! This book was full of surprises and twists through every corner!! 

At the end, Feyre goes into the Spring Court to spy and try to break them apart from the inside.

Author: bookanishgirl

I love all things bookish and my favorite fandom is Shadowhunters... I am a Slytherin although i do have traits from all four houses (The test was 29% Slytherin, 26% Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and 19% Gryffindor) πŸ˜‚ and of course candles 😍😍😍😍 in love with them!!!! My favourite merch, other than candles, is bookmarks and book sleeves. I also make art prints πŸ€—πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜ I've also signed up for the Asian Book Blogger directory and if you're an Asian book blogger... feel free to sign up as well! Here's the link: https://shutupshealea.com/projects/asian-book-bloggers/

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