Bookish Merch! My top 3 💝💚

I apologise for not having posted in quite a while but I have been busy with college and have not had as much time to post full reviews on here 💝 Hope you like this post!

So over the years a lot of bookish merchandise has been introduced and all of it is truly amazing!! Sometimes you’ll find the exact same book and it’s characters portrayed in so many different ways, it makes it truly hard to pick your favourites! Now I’m just going to share my top 3 favourite merchandise based on books and a few shops where you can purchase it from, although I can most definitely say that I have not tried every shop out there! 

1. Candles

I absolutely love my bookish candles and I have gathered so many since first starting my Bookstagram in April this year and I have to say.. I love each and every single one of the candles I have!! My favourite shops are Book and Nook Shop, which is UK based, Bookish Burns, also UK based, and Pink Cloud Candles which is US based! Now I haven’t ordered from every candle shop out there but these shops create candles with unique scents that are absolutely wonderful! I’d definitely check them out if you’re a candle fan!


Nothing beats having a pretty bookmark to look at whilst you’re reading a book or trying to save the page you’re on! My favourite shop, without a doubt, has to be Ink and Wonder Designs! They have beautiful woodkmarks (yes wooden bookmarks) with the most beautiful designs on them! I only have 2 from this shop but both woodlands are stunning!! Another two favourites are Thetsundoku Chronicles and Dutch Doodling! Thetsundoku Chronicles bookmarks are vivid with bright colours and quotes based on books and by authors!! They are absolutely stunning! The background for these bookmarks is created with watercolour which is then printed onto card and laminated! The final result is beautiful!! Dutch Doodling is more handmade, custom orders and these are amazing in their own right! Manon (The shop owner) is truly talented and even takes custom orders! She also has boxes that she sells at the start of every season so the next box will be spring! (Keep an eye out for it 😉) Be sure to check these stores out for beautiful bookmarks! 

3. Book Sleeves 

Book Sleeves are perfect to protect your books if you happen to read a lot whilst outside the house, whether it’s in a park or on the train! They protect your books from rain, which just saves a lot of hassle and makes sure your books look perfect! I’ve damaged several books before and it was always because of rain but book sleeves make sure this doesn’t happy!! Now you may think that it doesn’t matter which store you get a book sleeve from but the material of the book sleeve can make all the difference! My favourite book sleeve stores are Book Sleeve, Bookvelopes and BookBeau!! All of these stores create stunning book sleeves that are perfectly designed to make sure your books stay perfectly safe!! 
Hope you enjoyed this post on my too 3 favourite bookish merch and I cannot wait to share more on Book Boxes with you in the next! 😊😊 Have a lovely New Year! 

Author: bookanishgirl

I love all things bookish and my favorite fandom is Shadowhunters... I am a Slytherin although i do have traits from all four houses (The test was 29% Slytherin, 26% Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and 19% Gryffindor) 😂 and of course candles 😍😍😍😍 in love with them!!!! My favourite merch, other than candles, is bookmarks and book sleeves. I also make art prints 🤗😄😘 I've also signed up for the Asian Book Blogger directory and if you're an Asian book blogger... feel free to sign up as well! Here's the link:

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