Even the Darkest Stars Review- Part 1 (Azmiri)

First part of Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett reviewed with a summary and my opinion and rating at the bottom 😁

I’m just going to get straight into this one but first I’d like to apologise for not blogging much in the padt few weeks! They’ve been tough and I’ve just not had as much time as I usually would. Part 2 will be up tomorrow and Part 3 the day after that 😊. I’ll have a review for Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick up real soon as well 🙂

Without further ado, here we go! The book starts off with Kamzin attempting a spell and her instructor Chirri essentially calling her useless as she is not a strong ‘Shaman’ (a person who does magic through incantations and talismans) and she is left out there to make dragon eggs hatch alone! Her best friend (and ex for a short period of time when they tried being together a year earlier) is gifted at magic and does the spell for her, on Kamzin’s insistence. He then uses another spell to send the dragons to Chirri’s hut (which I think was hilarious). Kamzin is soon distracted as she finds out that the great Royal Explorer River Shara is in their village (Azmiri) and her sister is to go on a royal expidition with him to the most dangerous (and tallest?) mountain out there, Rakhsha. Although, Kamzin does not have a huge talent for magic, she loves climbing and wants to be the one to go on the expidition and gain recognition from the emperor! Her sister is seer, who can see certaib things by looking at stars.
At a party that night, she goes hoping to meet River but mistakes Mara, his companion, as the Royal Explorer. A short while later she goes to the drinks and meets a boy, where banter had to take place. However, when her dad comes with Kamzin’s sister, Lusha, she realises that she had been talking to River, the royal explorer himself! She then becomes embarrassed as she realises that she is drunk and then proceeds to vomit (I always relate to this as the worst things always seem to happen in the most humiliating circumstances). Anyhow, she goes through dinner in a quiet withdrawn way but happens to notice that Mara is smitten by her older sister. Lusha partially encourages him by saying she’d see him tomorrow for plans but Kamzin is quick to think that she never remembered and Mara would just be another rejected suitor of her sister. It is a while later when Tem’s father comes in looking stricken with worry and slightly restless that Kamzin realises that Tem had fallen over a cliff whilst trying to stop a yak from running over. She rushes out alongside Lusha, her father and River to try and rescue Tem and finds him on a ledge near branches, which must’ve stopped him from falling all the way down. River pulls Tem up after Kamzin ties a rope around him. And she then puts the yak on her back and climbs up with no support. River, amazed, compliments her on her climbing skills and a small moment is created between them. 

Kamzin is late to wake up next morning but soon realises that Lusha is no longer home and has gone on the royal expidition.  She feels slightly disappointed (at not being able to go and not having seen River one last time) when she is told that Lusha ran off with Mara to climb Rakhsha. Yonden, a seer who worked with Lusha, warns River to not befriend the fire demon she will meet on her way after she decides to go on the expedition with River and also hands her a map to Rakhsha by a great explorwr Mingma. River, Kamzin, Tem, Aimo (a sweet woman who lost her husband and child ) and Aimo’s brother, Dargye. They go on the expidition. River and Kamzin discuss all possible ways to reach Rakhsha before Lusha and Mara. Kamzin (as she had been half way to Rakhsha with her mothe before) is given more ground to rule out certaib possibilities than others. She is the one to decide Winding Pass is a better alternative to Nightwood, which is a dark forest occupied by witches, who are evil creatures that kill and rampage by practising dark magic. Windin Pass is Part 2 of the book, but I hope you enjoyed the summary of the first part ☺. 

Now for my opinion… personally I believe that there should’ve been a further development in the relationship that Kamzin has with her sister and father but this was almost secondary to the storyline. I love that there a dragons and witches in the story. My favourite scene in all of this was when Kamzin talks to River, without knowing who he is and then the moment when she finds out 😀 that just made the book slightly more interesting and I felt as though the book would be about Kamzin trying to figure who the real River Shara is. I also feel that maybe another perspective, maybe River’s would’ve been nice as he is another central character in the storyline as all of this was given from Kamzin’s POV. I usually like knowing what other characters are thinking as well. So overall, Part 1 had 4 stars from me 😁

Author: bookanishgirl

I love all things bookish and my favorite fandom is Shadowhunters... I am a Slytherin although i do have traits from all four houses (The test was 29% Slytherin, 26% Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and 19% Gryffindor) 😂 and of course candles 😍😍😍😍 in love with them!!!! My favourite merch, other than candles, is bookmarks and book sleeves. I also make art prints 🤗😄😘 I've also signed up for the Asian Book Blogger directory and if you're an Asian book blogger... feel free to sign up as well! Here's the link: https://shutupshealea.com/projects/asian-book-bloggers/

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