Review of Hush Hush

A spoiler filled review of Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟(4.5)/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟(5)

(I didn’t have a picture of Hush Hush so a picture of the third book in the series is up 😊)

Ok so I know this book was released a long time ago but I still feel the need to publish a review as I first read it quite recently and have since re-read it several times! There will be spoilers in the review so be warned!!
The story follows Nora, who finds herself sitting next to Patch (a fallen angel) in Biology. She finds him irritating to start and quite a few conversations between them involve Patch seeming to know a lot about Nora and Nora suffering from.. anxiety?.. Patch illustrates this whole thing out so that he can get close to Nora so he can kill her and get a human body, however, he hesitates and starts to fall in love with her instead. Fast forward a few attempts at her life and Nora is in a terrible area where she has her coat traded for directions by someone who essentially just showed her the place she was looking for… which is just a few blocks away. However the person who wore her coat was mistaken for Nora and an attempt was made on her life (the woman wearing the coat was killed). This was not Patch and Nora rings Patch asking for help and eventually they end up in a motel after Patch creates an illusion of the car breaking down. When they are in the motel room, Nora accidently touches Patch’s wing scars where she is transported to a memory where he is seen discussing with his ex, who, I believe, is an angel of death, she is trying to stop Patch from continuing on his course of trying to gain a human body. Patch pins Nora down and asks her what she has seen… this leads to a confrontation and Patch revealing that if he wanted to kill her she would be dead! 

Nora accepts this but whilst on the way home, Nora gets a call from Vee (her best friend) telling her that she has broken into school with a few friends. Nora and Patch go there to meet them and Nora meets the man who attempted to kill her before. It is revealed that the man is Nora’s ancestor so Nora sacrificing herself (ie killing herself) will help Patch in getting the human body but instead her ancestor dies and Patch is forgiven and is given the task of guarding Nora. 

I loved how this book was written and the fact that it was a twist on general views of Angels is always a plus for me! I would give this book a 4.5/5 purely because I felt that a lot more insight should have been given on the secondary characters, including Vee. I also believe that Nora’s mum should’ve been a more central character as well just to clarify what kind of relationship Nora had with the people around her and how she dealt with certain issues etc. 

I will be reviewing Angel by LA Weatherly as soon as I finish it but will have a post related to books in general up either today eveing or tomorrow. 

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