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Hiya!!! For those of you that don’t know me from Instagram, I’m Anisha and from the UK!! I started bookstagram at the start of April this year, but have always thought about blogging!!! I did try a while back but due to exams that started I deleted it and have now decided to start over!! This blog is going to be all about books!!! (Maybe some book-based movies and small rants as well 😁) I love everything bookish but my favourite merch has to be candles and bookmarks so plenty of pictures featuring candes and bookmarks will appear 😄. My favourite fandom is Shadowhunters!!! And of course that means my book boyfriend is Jace but my favourite couple have to be Magnus and Alec (or Malec 😍😍).. I will be postinf reviews quite a lot and of course if you guys want to get in touch you can just drop me a DM on instagram!!! My username is @bookanishgirl 😊😊

I’ll post again soon with a book review so stay in touch 💖💖

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Rebel of the Sands Spoiler Free Review

My review of the first book in the Rebel of the Sands trilogy by Alwyn Hamilton!

I finally caved and read this amazing book after being constantly told how amazing it is, and all I can ask myself is why I didn’t read it earlier!! This book had everything I love in a fantasy novel and more!

This explores Amani’s journey and her attempt to reach Izman to live with her aunt from Duswalk, a place that has no pleasant memories for her.

I loved Amani for the fact that she was willing to do whatever it took to leave her controlling aunt and leery uncle! The only positive note for her in Dustwalk is her best friend. She is willing to save herself from difficult situations and is an amazing shot!

Amani was amazing throughout the book but what surprised me more than anything else was how she genuinely had a conscious decision to do best by herself! Another aspect of Amani that was brilliant was how she grew as a character. Not only to save herself but to save other around her, including the “Foreigner” who is later introduced as Jin.

The details in this story come together so well that it’s hard to see the twists and plot turns coming at you but they definitely surprised me when they came at last! All the characters had such an amazing role to play that was truly beautiful to see, and the friendship between the characters and how they’re willing to risk all for each other is truly wonderful!

This book gets an amazing 4.5/5 from me!

The Forest Queen ARC Spoiler Free Review

Hiya!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog but I’m back with an ARC review! This book is out in August 2018 and I would recommend a pre-order if you love retelling and fantasy!

Become Your Own Hero

This book was beautifully written and honestly I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did! This in part is probably due to the fact that I’m not much of a Robin Hood fan, or even that it’s not the type of book I usually tend to read.

The first thing I’ll say is I loved the role reversal! It shows a lot of female empowerment due to the role reversal, not to mention the side characters that showed a unique and unified support! On top of that, I love that the story is not solely based off Robin Hood, as in there were definite elements that showed that it’s a retelling but it doesn’t heavily rely on the original to share this story, so it’s almost like reading a different story completely!

Furthermore, the relationships that Sylvie builds with the characters is honestly so beautiful to see, and definitely shows that to be a family you don’t need to be related in any way!

I also love the idea of being your own hero, as that also sheds some of the more common themes in which a male is usually the one to rescue the damsel in distress from fairytales! This was another clear direct contrast that was my favourite from the original story!

From me it’s 4/5 stars and this is only because it’s not a perfect story (very few are), and it would be a lot more preferable if it explored a lot more diverse themes within the book!

Beyond a Darkened Shore Spoiler Free Review

Another review for an amazing book!! This is spoiler free but discusses why I loved it so much! And it gets all the stars!!

I love love LOVED this book!!! This book is the reason why I read YA Fantasy (probably a bit dramatic but it was sooo good!)

Let me start from the beginning! A female… leading an army! Now that was the most surprising aspect and the fact this was hoisted upon me right at the start of the book pleasantly surprised me! The book explores Ciara’s journey with her enemy Lief to save both their families and the humans as they are from the “Giants”.

A lot of books are quick to try and show the main characters as being without fault and I loved that this wasn’t a thing in this book! You see their flaws but at the same time, you see that the characters learn from their mistakes.

Fast forward to the middle and my god!! The twists!! The dark edge (and gruesome descriptions) were an amazing added bonus for me especially since I first started reading because of horror and mystery books!

And then the ending!! (Is it ever possible to love a book this much?!) The twists were never ending!!! And one of them just tore my heart to pieces 😥

I loved the mythology aspect to the entire story, how both characters had been raised with different stories and beliefs and yet they were all brought together in a book that managed to satisfy ever question in me!!

All I can say is I can’t wait to read more from this amazing author and share more of her work with you 🙂 and yes I definitely recommend this book!!!

This book was a 5/5 from me just because it managed to keep on the edge so well!! This is definitely a perfect example of a book that has you saying “Just one more chapter” well into the night!

A Court of Wings and Ruin- Sarah J Maas Review

I know this review has taken a long time and that there has been a massive gap between the review of ACOMAF and this book, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write it 🙄 now with the release of ACOFAS coming soon, I want to get all old reviews written and over with! if you want more frequent thoughts and reviews, check out my Instagram @bookanishgirl 😄💙

This book starts off a few weeks after the ending of A Court of Mist and Fury, but it mainly consists of Feyre constantly looking for answers and then very rarely communicating with Rhys. However, I did enjoy the bits of humour injected into an otherwise tense atmosphere as Tamlin is starting to become extremely suffocating, and as a person reading the book, I HATED him! (I don’t think I’ve expressed how much before but I HATE TAMLIN!)

With that off my chest, Feyre finds that Hybern has sent twins to look at the wall between Mortal Lands and Pyrithian to look for holes to find where they can break it from. When out on one such outing, Feyre breaks (and I mean BREAKS) the priestess’ hand (mind’s really not at it’s strongest right now so no idea what her name was 😂😂 I… something) she also… kills?.. the twins and attempts to escape but Lucien comes with her and they cross onto the Autumn Court where Lucien’s siblings attempt to stop them but both of them escape… with help 😂 They then travel to the High Court!

I’m going to skip some key bits because… well I can’t go spoiling everything can I? 😁 Essentially, Feyre and Rhys make up with the Summer court after the fiasco from ACOMAF and it is established that Amren has a crush on…. (it’s a secret 😄)

The High Lords have a meeting in which Tamlin is super childish a d insults Feyre, who then explodes and uses all the powers gained from all the various High Lords and shuts up the High Lord of Autumn Court and very nearly kills him 😂 Rhys also has his moment by shutting up Tamlin, literally without flinching a muscle or shifting… just takes hid voice away… best moment EVER!

Feyre is told that the High Lord of Autumn Court’s wife had an affair with Helion, from… the Dawn Court? And Lucien is actually Helion’s son! Now this was something, so it also explained the animosity of the family towards Lucien 🙄 they don’t actually tell anyone this so I don’t think it matters much but it explains A LOT! Elain is found to be a sightseer? And Nesta has anger issues… naturally 😂

Hybern then messes with everyone and throws them around a LOT! An old enemy is discovered to be a friend, Elain is kidnapped by Hybern, then rescued by Azriel and Feyre. When they’re nearly caught, Tamlin (of all people why him 😭😭) saves them and fights off the attackers whilst they escape!

Fast forward to the ending, Rhys dies and Amren leaves, but Feyre manages to revive Rhys in the same manner that she was revived in, who also happens to drag Amren back… as normal high fae this time! Hybern is killed by Elain and Nesta, when he kills their father, who had surprisingly been hunting for the last Queen to aid Feyre and Rhys (and the entirety of Pyrithian)

In summary, I loved the book but I found that it dragged.. A LOT. I actually dropped the book for two months because it just wasn’t going anywhere with the storyline. There is a major Mor secret that is explained in this that explains a lot of her evasiveness when it comes to Azriel and why they haven’t gotten together yet! I have a feeling that Lucien may also be left on the sidelines as Elain and Azriel fall in love… and I really don’t hope that’s the case but it might be and it’s not too satisfying 😭

Batman-Nightwalker by Marie Lu

I know I haven’t posted in a while but this is a brief summary on Batman Nightwalker with no spoilers on why you should read this book, and how it is not actually a continuation or a summary of the movies 😄 Enjoy!

So, most of you may know that DC has signed a contract with 4 YA Authors to bring 4 superheroes to life! And The amazing Marie Lu was assigned Batman! It focuses on Bruce Wayne And how he came to be Batman! For once, I am going to avoid spoilers but a brief summary will be given below.

The book starts with a young Bruce Wayne attending a party and there you meet his friends! However it also shows the exuberance and the reason behind Batman’s nature, so I suppose the books give a type of background on the characters and show them from a different perspective. In some ways I wish we had actually met the Joker… because… well he’s the Joker… do I need a reason? 😂 (yes, I have a weakness for very well-played villains).

The book then develops from there and shows the transformation within the character and personality that portrays Bruce Wayne and slowly, but surely, transforms it more and more into who we know as Batman! I’m not going to say much more as I know that many of you may be wary over reading a book based on movies and a franchise that has been out in the world for years, but if you can differentiate between the two different stories told by the movies and this book, then you’ll be sure to love it!

A Court of Mist and Fury- Review

I don’t summarise anything in this blog post but I do share my views on the best parts of the book (and the most memorable parts to me). There are still plenty of spoilers in this blog though! Hope you enjoy 😘💝

I hated Tamlin but after reading this, I wanted to march into the Spring Court and kill him!! He treats Feyre like a prisoner but not only in the sense that he restricts any freedom etc. He shows no concern for her feelings and it seems pretty clear that he knows Feyre is vomiting night after night and suffering but he doesn’t comfort or help her! He does nothing to pull Feyre out of the depression she’s falling deeper into day after day! 

Now I know Rhys was deemed to be arrogant in the last book and uncaring of others but towards the end of A court of Thorns and Roses, he redeemed himself by spades and showed how bleak his life truly was. In this book, he’s as arrogant as can be but what I love is that he helps Feyre recover! He not only teaches her to read and write, he slowly but surely pulls her out of the depression by raising her emotions and getting her to just feel! He also gains brownie points for not using the heartlessness of Tamlin, when she’s still with him, in regards to how he betrayed their friendship. We learn so much more in this book about Pyrithian and realise exactly how little Tamlin actually told Feyre. 
We also come to realise that Rhys may have done a lot of things, but he was doing it to protect those he loved and he remained a loyal friend to the Inner Circle and in a way to all the other High Lords of Pyrithian!! 

Finally, I love how Feyre slowly comes to realise that Rhys is not all he shows and there is so much more to him! Him showing his suffering to her and showing her his weaknesses makes her feel closer to him than she’s ever felt to anyone. The most heart breaking part at this point is when she admits that she was so desperate for love when she met Tamlin that she would’ve done and believed anything. This makes us realise that she understands that Tamlin didn’t believe her worthy and, perhaps, only saw her as a way to break the curse on the Spring Court. 

In this book, Feyre consummated the mating bond that snapped into place at the end of ACOTAR, saved Rhysand’s life (a fact I loved as it shows how strong she truly is!!) And also helped the Inner Circle find two separate books to try and stop the Cauldron and King Hybern from breaking the barrier between the mortal lands and Pyrithian! 

Now I loved the ending when Lucien finds the mating bond snap into place with Elain and Cassian’s protectiveness towards Nesta! This book was full of surprises and twists through every corner!! 

At the end, Feyre goes into the Spring Court to spy and try to break them apart from the inside.

Bookish Merch! My top 3 💝💚

I apologise for not having posted in quite a while but I have been busy with college and have not had as much time to post full reviews on here 💝 Hope you like this post!

So over the years a lot of bookish merchandise has been introduced and all of it is truly amazing!! Sometimes you’ll find the exact same book and it’s characters portrayed in so many different ways, it makes it truly hard to pick your favourites! Now I’m just going to share my top 3 favourite merchandise based on books and a few shops where you can purchase it from, although I can most definitely say that I have not tried every shop out there! 

1. Candles

I absolutely love my bookish candles and I have gathered so many since first starting my Bookstagram in April this year and I have to say.. I love each and every single one of the candles I have!! My favourite shops are Book and Nook Shop, which is UK based, Bookish Burns, also UK based, and Pink Cloud Candles which is US based! Now I haven’t ordered from every candle shop out there but these shops create candles with unique scents that are absolutely wonderful! I’d definitely check them out if you’re a candle fan!


Nothing beats having a pretty bookmark to look at whilst you’re reading a book or trying to save the page you’re on! My favourite shop, without a doubt, has to be Ink and Wonder Designs! They have beautiful woodkmarks (yes wooden bookmarks) with the most beautiful designs on them! I only have 2 from this shop but both woodlands are stunning!! Another two favourites are Thetsundoku Chronicles and Dutch Doodling! Thetsundoku Chronicles bookmarks are vivid with bright colours and quotes based on books and by authors!! They are absolutely stunning! The background for these bookmarks is created with watercolour which is then printed onto card and laminated! The final result is beautiful!! Dutch Doodling is more handmade, custom orders and these are amazing in their own right! Manon (The shop owner) is truly talented and even takes custom orders! She also has boxes that she sells at the start of every season so the next box will be spring! (Keep an eye out for it 😉) Be sure to check these stores out for beautiful bookmarks! 

3. Book Sleeves 

Book Sleeves are perfect to protect your books if you happen to read a lot whilst outside the house, whether it’s in a park or on the train! They protect your books from rain, which just saves a lot of hassle and makes sure your books look perfect! I’ve damaged several books before and it was always because of rain but book sleeves make sure this doesn’t happy!! Now you may think that it doesn’t matter which store you get a book sleeve from but the material of the book sleeve can make all the difference! My favourite book sleeve stores are Book Sleeve, Bookvelopes and BookBeau!! All of these stores create stunning book sleeves that are perfectly designed to make sure your books stay perfectly safe!! 
Hope you enjoyed this post on my too 3 favourite bookish merch and I cannot wait to share more on Book Boxes with you in the next! 😊😊 Have a lovely New Year!